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About Our Company!

Over 80 Years of Continous Progress Structured for Greater Market Penetration.

The George. E. Anderson Company, Inc. has been representing electrical manufacturers for over 80 years.

Facilities at the Dallas headquarters span across approximately four acres, and are situated within walking distance of downtown Dallas. Our shipping docks include three 12 foot and one twenty-four foot receiving doors for truckload shipments.

Our organization utilizes a selling staff of 7 people who combine their vast knowledge of contacts and experience to establish long-term business relationships. Our sales staff are professionally trained to sell product to our clients according to exact specifications.

Our organization represents electrical supplies and interior construction material for larger buildings, warehouses and office type buildings. All sales are made to the electrical wholesaler.

A considerable part of our time is spent in sales meetings with the wholesaler to determine how we can best serve their needs. In addition, it often becomes necessary for our salesmen to spend considerable time working with the engineer, the architect or the contractor in the industrial plants. Applications for our products are determined in this manner, and this allows us to determine the specifications of our product line.

The George. E. Anderson Co., Inc. - North is a computerized facility and supports E.D.X. capabilities, fax machines and Watts lines to better serve our customers.

Today, there are more products than ever before being sold through manufacturers representatives, and we look forward to increased sales and continued growth as we prepare for the next 80 years.

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